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What I Do

Branding – can be done from scratch or revamping what you've already got – either way, it’s about telling your story.  Here's a sampling of what I offer:


  • New Business Launch

  • Websites

  • Logos

  • Social Media Pages

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Press Releases

  • Original Articles

  • Blog Posts

  • Custom Graphics (quotes, tips, etc.)

  • Custom Infographics

  • Tailored posts around holidays/celebrations/observances

  • Shared, industry specific, articles

  • Quirky Advertisements

  • …and more!


Whatever it takes to sell your story – authentically, consistently and creatively.

Who I Work With

I work with anyone that has a story that needs to be shared.  Running the gamut from chiropractic/spine health clinics to entertainment companies; strategic marketing firms to branding and graphic agencies; custom home designers and builders to high-end craft jewelers and non-profits.  I do it all, because it doesn’t matter who you are…it’s about YOUR story and how to tell it – and that’s my wheelhouse.

What I Charge

My fees are based on what you need and how much of it.  I’ve created sample packages based on my most popular services…check them out here.  And there’s something *NEW*…DIY social marketing packages!  I’ll train you or a designated staff member how to do it for yourself…’cause that’s how I roll. 

This brainchild turned passion project encompasses a comprehensive, mobile-optimized website, social media pages, blog and more to reach Bethany Beach lovers everywhere in our tech-savvy age.  More importantly, it's a platform to showcase our amazing local businesses - join the I ♥ Bethany Beach fandom today!

2020 Dragonfly Social Marketing

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