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DIY Social Marketing

Savvy enough to want to do your social marketing on your own?  Frustrated with the time it takes to learn and do it?  I'll show you how to do it all - save time, money and hassle!  I'll teach you and/or your designated staff member everything you need to know to successfully tell your story - authentically, creatively and consistently.  We'll do it together.

Blogging 101

With this package, you’ll learn how to set-up and brand your blog.  I’ll show you how to tell your story!  You’ll learn how to research and write blog posts (and how to schedule them) and create the coordinating graphics.  You’ll also learn how to integrate your blog with your website and social media so that everything, everywhere, ties in together.

Social Marketing 101

I will teach you how to create/brand your business Facebook page and from there how to create valuable content with coordinating graphics and schedule postings.  You’ll learn all the tips and tricks I use to make social media easy peasy and not so time consuming!

Social Marketing 201

Adding on to the 101 package, I’ll help you figure out what other social media platforms you should be tapping into, creating them and branding them.  In addition, you’ll learn how to claim your online business listings and brand them as well so that everything has a cohesive look and feel and tells your story.

Social Marketing 301

You’ll get everything from the 101 and 201 packages PLUS I’ll show you how to create/update your website so that it accurately reflects your brand, is dynamic, mobile optimized, SEO friendly and integrates with your social media.  You’ll be telling your story cohesively and authentically!

The Whole Shebang

This is everything, soup to nuts!  I’ll show you how to create/update your website, we’ll figure out what social media platforms you should be using and set them up, claim your business directory listings, set up your blog and start posting…all while maintaining your cohesive brand and telling your story – authentically and consistently.  In addition, I’ll put together a digital brand board for you with your business-specific logo, colors and fonts for easy access when creating new content and collateral.

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