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Let's Tell Your Story

This isn’t social media…it’s Social Marketing!  Social media is just a piece of the puzzle for all I do.  It’s about cohesive story-telling across all of your marketing channels – website, social media platforms, blog/vlog, collateral, print media – it’s all rolled into one thing…Social Marketing.  Telling YOUR story, where it can be heard, in a social, relatable way, to reach YOUR target audience.


How do I do that?  By focusing online.   Let’s face it – everyone, from the baby-boomers on down, researches and interacts with brands online, whether on their phone, tablets or old school pc’s (like me, much to my Apple-loving daughter’s dismay). I think about what I do when I want to find out more about a product, service or company as a whole and the FIRST THING I DO is go online to find out more. What are other customers saying? Are there any blog posts about it? Videos? Who has the best price vs. quality/service? What’s their Facebook page like – is it filled with users interacting with fun/meaningful posts or is it full of propaganda and sales-pitchy posts? Does it link to their website?  Is it up-to-date and what does that look like?  Most importantly, is their overall message consistent?  I do my due diligence...do you?